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A New Year’s Eve Makeup Tutorial To Love

I am one of those people who absolutely LOVE to go out on New Year’s Eve.  There aren’t many nights that allow me the luxury of being truly fancy – from the dress to the shoes to the makeup, but this night DOES. It has been a while since my husband and I have had a night to ourselves.

NewYearsMakeupHead-turning. Glamorous. Festive.

Jennifer Lopez Embellished Fit and Flare Dress KohlsI want the party-perfect hair and the makeup that takes me a while to do.  I have found a dress I love (do you see it right there?) and I’ve been practicing the perfect makeup look as well.  While I normally wear some makeup, my routine usually takes about 5-7 minutes – between the powder, the blush and the mascara. For me, New Year’s Eve is different. It is about so much more than that….and it starts with my eyes.

In working with Kohl’s this holiday season (that is where I found my New Year’s Eve dress) I’ve been exploring all kinds of amazing all-in-one beauty products.  For a New Year’s Eve makeup look I love, I have found the perfect set – one I can’t wait to show you:

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They Do as You DO, Not as You SAY: Create a Gratitude Tree

Favorite Holiday Tradition: Gratitude Tree, ExtraordinaryMommy.comI live by many rules as a parent – many of them are wisdom passed on to me by smarter generations – my parents included. Take for example, the phrase, ‘because I said so’… that little gem was one I swore I’d never repeat, but it’s now a known and feared quantity in our home. My small people know if that is the answer you get, you’ve likely pushed too far.

I believe firmly in teaching kindness and gratitude in giant hugs, in bedtimes and brushing teeth, in fruits and vegetables, in saying yes to candy in moderation, in protecting each other, in looking my small people in the eye, in saying sorry only when it’s necessary, but meaning it when you say it, in laughing until you can’t breathe, in being a permanent student of life and in having ‘yes days’ to fuel all of our souls.

But the biggest lesson I have learned as a parent is this: I can have all of the rules in the world. I can ‘teach’ until my voice runs out and my hair turns gray, but my small people will not do as I say, they will do as I do.  It is up to me to model the behavior I want to see in them as they grow. This means being kind, brushing my teeth, eating my vegetables, laughing and…. you understand.

Part of this practice – it isn’t always easy…. is finding news ways to live these rules together.

Enter our newest family holiday tradition: The Gratitude Tree. In the video, we explain HOW we did it (easy-peasy, I promise) and more on the WHY.


So, what do you think?

Have you ever created a Gratitude Tree in your home? (If you have and you’ve written about it – or created a video – share the link…. I want to see!) Friends spreading gratitude is my FAVORITE.

And beyond that, I just would love to know… what are you grateful for? I’d love to add your words and heart to our tree!

Happy Thanksgiving and beyond, my friends.