Capital One Mascot Challenge Blogger Contest

(EDITED: Contest has been extended by ONE WEEK until TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 21st!!  THANK YOU SO MUCH for all of your submissions – we are going through them all and will announce the winners by noon on Wednesday, September 22nd!)

My four year old has more athletic ability in his left hand than I have ever hand in my whole body.

I do, in fact, live up to the throw-like-a-girl stereotype.

But you know what that makes me?  A FANTASTIC FAN.

And more than any other sport, I love Football.  Especially College Football.  There is just something about the traditions and history, the spirit, the loyalty, the pride – not just in the team – but in the school and in the players, and of course, it is just pure fun.

I am thrilled to say I am working with Capital One on an amazing College Football related project….

So here is a little History on the Capital One National Mascot of the Year Contest:

Capital One is, once again, hosting their annual Mascot Challenge.  Sixteen Mascots, from sixteen Universities around the country are competing to take the title. Last year, the honor went to Bearcat from the University of Cincinnati.  The competition has been fierce since 2002.

Each week for the next 12 weeks, the Mascots will face off against each other in head-to-head match-ups online.  The final four weeks will be championships. Votes on decide who wins.  So, naturally, a strong online campaign can be useful!

The winner is announced, each year at the Capital One Bowl game on January 1st in Orlando, Florida.

This year – the added bonus – I will be there to cover the event – and so will one female blogger.  I know I am not the only woman who loves this sport.

We are looking for SIXTEEN female bloggers – one to represent each of the following Universities and their Mascots:


  • University of Tennessee – Smokey
  • Louisiana State University – Mike the Tiger
  • Ohio State University – Brutus
  • UCLA – Joe Bruin
  • University of Miami – Sebastian the Ibis
  • University of Cincinnati – Bearcat
  • University of Oregon – The Duck
  • Vanderbilt University – Mr. C
  • Air Force – The Bird
  • Old Dominion – Big Blue
  • Western Kentucky University – Big Red
  • University of Minnesota – Goldy
  • University of Maryland – Testudo
  • University of Idaho – Joe Vandal
  • University of Texas El Paso – (UTEP) -Paydirt Pete
  • University of Montana – Monte

Each of the 16 bloggers chosen will:

  • be an alumnus or adopted fan of the University
  • share their enthusiasm for their University by blogging/tweeting/using Facebook to encourage votes for their Mascot
  • receive a Gift package from their respective university which could include game tickets and/or school gear

When this year’s Mascot is announced on January 1st in Orlando, their female blogger will be there to cover the event! (airfare, hotel, the GAME and food will be covered)

If you are interested, email the following to

  • 100-250 word essay – Why should you be chosen to represent your school? (Be creative!)
  • provide a link to your blog/twitter/facebook
  • include the best way to contact you

Contest entries will be accepted until 12:00pmCST on Tuesday, September 21st.

Good luck.

I am delighted to be working with Capital One for the duration of the Mascot Challenge (16 weeks) – so, in the coming weeks, I will be sharing a lot of information about the contest and college football. My thoughts and opinions can never be bought, so I will only be sharing what I believe to be true and accurate as I did when I was a traditional news reporter.
  • Erin M.

    If Herbie Husker or Lil Red was on there, I would TOTALLY be your girl because I am as big a college football fan as they get – but only for my Huskers!

  • Malia

    What? No Virginia Tech Hokie Bird??? I could have totally rocked this contest. Le sigh!

    This is an awesome opportunity D! So proud of you!!

  • Danielle

    Erin – Ohh – I wish! Love that you are true to your school (see?? this is why College football is awesome!)

  • Danielle

    Thanks, Malia!! I know! No Va Tech this year (but they played like mad last night!!)

  • alison

    I’m with Erin, I wish Herbie Husker was up for the Mascot Challenge again! But I think he won a few years ago. :) Go Big Red! :)

  • Lindsay

    I don’t have a blog, but I actively use facebook and twitter to promote Big Blue from ODU, do I qualify?

  • Laura (@chambanalaura

    Like Malia said … would have loved to participate if they had included my team! (Go NU Wildcats!) Congrats on this opportunity … will be watching closely. BTW I am a former sports reporter :-)

  • Danielle

    Lindsay – go ahead and apply – I know they would love to hear you make a case for being the one! :) Good luck!

  • Danielle

    Laura – thank you so much! The more I hear from my friends – the more teams I wish were involved!!

  • Jessica TIGERBAIT Remington

    He, he…from the name of my blog being a play on GO LSU (in the south we spell it GEAUX) to the flag that has proudly flown since the first day I moved into my house in Nebraska, my family is purple bleeding, MIKE THE TIGER LOVIN’, LSU FANS…whooo…hooo…working on that essay now :)

  • Danielle

    Jessica – JUST the enthusiasm we hope to find! Cannot wait to see your essay – Good luck!!

  • Kat

    Brutus and I go WAY back. In fact, the Buckeye Fairy comes every year providing new OSU gear to my boys!

  • Kristen

    DOH! This is SUCH a cool idea but alas, my mascot is not there this year! We were in last year’s contest :-( Glad to see they are reaching out to the ladies though! Good luck all!

  • selfmademom

    This is awesome. I was working for the Univ of Michigan football team when we won the Citrus (now Capital One Bowl) back in ’99. It’s a bummer that the only Big Ten team is OSU, which of course I cannot root for!!! But good luck. I’m so jealous you are covering this!! I’m the second biggest female college football fan after you!! Enjoy.

  • Kelin

    This is awesome! I LOVE college football and went to University of Idaho (Go Vandals!) so I just may put in an entry! I’ve already been voting daily and posting for people to support good ol’ Joe Vandal. He (along with our football team) deserve some props!! :) Go Vandals- big game at Nebraska this weekend!!!

  • Danielle

    Kelin – I love it!! I so hope you do! I have to say – the Vandals do not have a huge turn out in the contest so far and I would LOVE to see them well represented!!

  • Kelin

    You’re killing me with this 100-250 word limit! I could write a dissertation about college football and the Vandals need for some nationwide attention! 😛 However, I also taught English at Idaho and my students would be laughing at my complaints about the word limit here!!

  • karla porter

    so sad that Big Al isn’t on there. I’m HUGE college football fan… but only for University of Alabama 😉

  • Jackie

    I am wondering. So this is just for alumni and/or adopted fan? I am current student at UTEP and have been parading around campus getting everyone to vote for Paydirt Pete. I will be graduating in December, so by the time the Capital One Bowl comes around, I will be an alumunus. Can I enter? :)

  • Danielle

    Jackie – absolutely!! I’ve actually had quite a few current students from the Universities apply – would LOVE to see you submit – we are looking for female fans!! :)

  • Sarah

    will we get a return email saying you guys got our essay?!

  • Danielle

    Hi Sarah~ We are going through all of the essays – I checked and yes – we did get yours – thank you so much. The contest has been extended…. we were getting such great feedback!! We will announced the winners by noon on Wednesday, September 22nd. So excited you submitted!

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  • Joyce

    I am a MOM of a University of Montana student and cannot wait to post my ESSAY…Its been a few years, but I think I can get it done….Go Griz…Go Monte!!!!

  • Danielle

    Joyce! I CANNOT wait to see your essay! Good luck!

  • oduFlute

    If I could get to the football games I would so be your girl for ODU!! Literally all of my statuses for this past week against Monte have been rooting all Monarchs to vote for their pal, Big Blue!

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  • Brandy Bates

    I wish that Auburn’s Aubie was in the event this year. I love Football and spend all day Saturday in front of the TV on my couch. Nothing is better than SEC football! War Eagle!

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