Tips for Blending an Intercultural, Interracial Family

Okay, I love this topic. I know that it can be a bit taboo in parts of the world, which is bizarre to me, but I think it’s amazing. I think blended families are so beautiful.

Now, this post isn’t just for blended families. I do think  even if you are the same race and culture your family traditions might be completely different and then all of these things would still apply to you. In the end, marriage is two different people coming together to act as one…. both bringing the good and the bad with them. It’s tough!

My husband was born and raised in The Bahamas and I was born and raised in a small city in southern California. He is black, I’m white. Thankfully, English is both our native tongue, but other that that, not much of our up-bringing was similar.

In The Bahamas, parents are the end-all authority. When they say jump, you better be jumping before they finish speaking! In America, let’s just say kids have more wiggle room. Now blend those two things together as parents. He’s always too hard (in my opinion) and I’m always too soft (in his opinion).

However, he’s learning from my perspective that kids are people too and need to be heard and understood. I am learning that I am the authority and my kids need to listen to me and respect me. He’s still the strict one and I’m still the softy, but we are blending into a lovely version of parenting that is just *us*.

Our first year of marriage was probably the hardest year of my life. We fought, we yelled, we argued, and not nicely either. We had no idea how to live together as people, let alone with understanding of the other’s culture. However, we were committed to working it out and eventually we fought through. Along the way (we’re going into our 8th year of marriage now), I’ve picked up some tips on intercultural/interracial marriages. Here are my thoughts:

Tips for Blending an Intercultural/Interracial Family

tips for blended families

Be Willing to Learn

I am not black and I wasn’t raised in The Bahamas. There is no way I can ever be in my husband’s shoes. They stay up late and and we get up early. There are plenty of things about their culture I just won’t get. Listen. Ask questions. Lean in. Want to learn about the culture and lifestyle that your significant other came from. He needs to know that you care. And you really should care, it’s a part of you now too.

Be Understanding

They do Christmas differently. They might not even celebrate Thanksgiving. They threw rotten eggs at people passing by for Halloween. (We won’t name names…) Birthday went uncelebrated. It’s weird, right? Nope. That is the way they were brought up! It’s not weird to them. It might be weird to them that you make a huge deal out of your kids 1st birthday that they’ll never remember. No culture is better than the other and every one has good and bad. Just because it’s different doesn’t make it wrong. Instead of labeling it, be understanding of it and learn from it!

It’s okay that you don’t understand

You just won’t. You didn’t grow up in his (or her) home, with their parents, under their roof. You truly don’t know what it’s like. That’s okay.  You can be willing to learn and sometimes still not understand. Occasionally, my husband will try to explain a tradition to me, and I will simply have to take his word for it.

Be prepared

For the questions, comments, struggles, situations. This is especially true if you have children and they are a mixed race. My kids are very aware that they are often the only ‘brown’ kids. The kids see that they’re different. They talk about their color before we can even mention it. Not always negatively, but they are aware. Be prepared to talk to them about it and be united as parents. Ignoring it doesn’t make it go away.

Make an effort

You’re not right in doing things your way because “that’s how it’s done.” And they’re not right doing it their way because it’s all they’ve known. When you’re blending two cultures you have to understand what you’re bringing to the table. What might seem like a normal tradition to you, may be foreign to your significant other. It’s okay! Be open to new things and make an effort to integrate these things into your life together.

My family grew up camping. I love it. Our kids love it. My parents love it. My husband hates it….with a passion. However, he still sucks it up and goes with us. We’ve made accommodations for him to make him more comfortable and he just shows up. It’s our compromise!

Blend it!

That’s just what you are…BLENDED! When I asked my husband for his take on this post he said “pull both cultures together to create your own unique culture.” What? This man was spitting wisdom tonight, ya’ll, he could have written this post himself. He probably just wanted me to stop bugging him so he could watch basketball, but we got some great advice out of it! This pretty much goes for every family, but throw what you’re “supposed” to do right out the window. Forget what is viewed as normal. Don’t look at the Joneses because they’re broke and unhappy. Just huddle together and create your own unique, beautiful culture and run with it!

I would love to hear from all of you! Did you come from a blended family? Can you relate to any of these? Leave a comment with some of your tips, I’m sure they’d be useful for everyone!

Connecting Fire Safety and Learning at

I can still remember the first time my small dude came home from school having learned about fire safety at school. He came home with the phrase ‘stop, drop and roll’ firmly implanted in his mind, he checked both floors of our home for smoke detectors (and made me prove they were working), requested our family sit down after dinner to create an exit plan in the event of an emergency and even wanted to discuss purchasing ladders for his room and his sister’s.

Much like the first time Fire Safety was discussed, it is coming up again, but this time, I made sure we were talking about it at home first, in advance of this week’s Fire Safety Week. I realize it is one of those topics that doesn’t come up every night at dinner, but it should be something families talk about. So, when I was asked to take a look at the new app from, I loved this idea – this was the perfect opportunity for us to open the conversation again and for the kids to have an active role.

Sparky and the Case of the Missing Smoke Alarms App: Fire Safety-

The app makes it a priority to combine fun activities with education so that kids can learn what is important about fire safety without feeling as though they are being lectured.

Sparky and the Case of the Missing Smoke Alarms App: Fire Safety-

Here’s what you need to know:

The app, from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) can be downloaded on your phone, iPad or tablet (apple or android).

Beautifully done, the app, officially called, Sparky and the Case of the Missing Smoke Alarms (clever!) allows you to navigate to different options from the the home page.

Sparky and the Case of the Missing Smoke Alarms App: Fire Safety-

The first portion that intrigued Cooper was the story – you can read along – each word is highlighted in green as you go….your choice to have the audio on or off. This means your child can do the reading or can be read TO by the app.

Sparky and the Case of the Missing Smoke Alarms App: Fire Safety-

Another option – which Coop also LOVED was an interactive game: he was helping Sparky collect fire alarms and batteries around town.

Sparky and the Case of the Missing Smoke Alarms App: Fire Safety-

When Cooper was done playing and reading, we continued to explore,  finding printables that would allow he and I to keep learning….from math and word problems to options for teachers in the classroom.  I love that the NFPA has continued, for as long as I can remember, to make the subject of Fire Safety – one that isn’t scary for kids, but rather, a subject that they can talk to parents and firefighters about. Sparky was around when I was a kid too, and I suspect he’ll be a character my kids will be talking about with my grandkids someday.

Have you tried the app? I’d love to know what you think.


Managing the Home Chaos

I can clearly remember what I imagined parenting would look like long before I had children: the playing, the fixing of dinner, the balance of happy helping with homework with the work I would be doing.

I can also clearly hear the brakes screeching when I picture the disparity between that candy-apple version of life and the reality I live.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my small people – they are dynamite. But I definitely didn’t accurately depict the chaos that comes with living with, and loving two incredibly active kids. Somehow I missed that they drop their backpacks as they walk in the door, they throw their socks to opposite corners of the family room, they need to be constantly reminded to stay in their seats as they do their homework, eat their meals or well, do ANYTHING.

Kids JimmyDean

As you likely know, they play a plethora of sports and LOVE IT, which means we are constantly running from one activity to the next and are required to stay on track if they are going to get homework done or we are going to eat a meal as a family.

This means I need to have a way to manage the chaos – lest I lose my mind (and don’t think I haven’t had moments…)

This week, over on SheKnows Experts, I’m talking about some of my favorite tips for keeping my sanity, keeping those small people on track and managing the chaos… I’d love for you to visit me there and add your best tips.

Let me know what you think.

Breaking Parenting Rules: Making Memories Instead

I doubt that Cooper and Delaney remember attending their first St. Louis Cardinals games as they were just months old at the time, dressed head-to-toe in the appropriate Cards baby fan gear, but they’ve been going since they could hold their heads up, often strapped to my chest. Jeff and I carted Delaney around to so many places during her first game, surrounding her by so many sights and sounds, we, as new parents, spent an entire irrational afternoon fearing we had damaged her hearing just by having her out among loud cheering crowds.

Delaney 3 months 022

I’m a Cardinals fan by osmosis. My husband is a generational fan, having been given the love from his father and grandfather. He was required to recite the inscription on Stan Musial’s statue before he was allowed to enter Busch Stadium when he was three years old…. we’re just going to go ahead and say his family is serious about the game of baseball in general and St. Louis Cardinal Baseball specifically.

And Jeff and his family have passed that love down to my small people.

So, it isn’t unusual for us to go to games during the regular season.

Cooper Favs (7)

And it isn’t unusual, (though some might call it…..ummm…passionate?) to see our family room mantle turn in to a shrine come October – and stay that way throughout the playoffs.

St Louis Cardinals Shrine 2014

And it isn’t a surprise to see my husband and son assume their positions in front of the TV, sticking with their superstitions to help their team win.


And it isn’t unusual for us to make every attempt to make it to a playoff game if we can – we went as a family last year and were there for a clinching game – AMAZING.

Cards Clinch 2013

So….it wasn’t a surprise to me when Jeff bought tickets early to the playoffs this year to make sure we could all go. But you never know when the game time will be.

And based on wins and losses for other series, the time for last night’s game was set to START at 8pm. 30 minutes before my small people typically head to bed. We debated and debated – good idea to take the kids all the way downtown on a school night for a game that clearly wouldn’t end until after 11pm – or much later – meaning we wouldn’t get home until maybe 1am? All I could think was we were either Parents of the Year or absolutely crazy.

Cardinals Playoff Family

Would it be too cold?

Would they be exhausted at school the next day?

What if *gasp* we lost?

As crazy luck would have it, a week after buying our tickets, Jeff bought tickets for his parents and they ended up being DIRECTLY behind us.

Cardinals Playoffs MaMaPaPa

With one extra ticket, we were able to take one of Cooper’s friends. Seven of us, all together – opted to stay out late, opted for the experience – even knowing we would be tired.


We stood most of the game, we laughed, we cheered, we jumped up and down and we WON!

Cards Playoffs Group

Yes, we sat in the parking garage for 45 minutes, but the kids slept through it all. Yes, we didn’t get home until 1am, but…..the memories.

I have three small people who told me it was the ABSOLUTE best night.

Cardinals Playoffs Kids Win

Sometimes breaking all of the parenting rules in the name of making memories is the right decision.

Helping Kids Spin Their Way to Healthy Teeth

Tracking PixelDelaney has had braces on her top teeth for about 8 months now.  Her mouth is of utmost importance in our family – not only do I love her smile, but I want to encourage healthy brushing habits, so when we were given the opportunity to work with Arm & Hammer and their new Spinbrush™ Kids toothbrushes, I was excited to see what a difference it would make in our habits at home.

Delaney Braces

It is amazing to see how much my small girl’s teeth have moved since those braces were first put on. When the orthodontist first did his work, he made us watch a scary video about what could happen to your teeth if you don’t brush well. Does scary sound hyperbolic? Potentially. But the idea of having permanent stains on your teeth in the shape of the braces that have just been removed? Well, I happen to think that is scary. And I’m here to tell you I spend quite a bit of time reminding my small girl that brushing is a priority – lest she wants to be one of those kids with scary (yes, SCARY) stains that never go away.

Apparently, I wasn’t being quite dilligent enough with my nagging.

Because at our most recent appointment, the technician pulled me over to illustrate with a little bit of scraping, ‘You see this right here?” She used her silver tool to showcase Delaney’s lack of perfect brushing, “Delaney needs to be working a bit harder at her brushing.” Additionally, Delaney’s gums had become a bit swollen – a sign that they needed some extra TLC.

Don’t think my child didn’t get some serious side-eye from me. As you can imagine, she was unwilling to make eye contact.

The technician went on to suggest we make things a little easier on Delaney by giving her an alternative – rather than using a traditional toothbrush, opt for a Spinbrush as the agitation around each brace will help to remove everything Delaney isn’t getting on her own. And those swollen gums? Once Delaney’s teeth are getting the cleaning they need, the swelling will recede and they will go back to normal.

This was all perfect timing as three Arm & Hammer Spinbrush™ Kids  arrived in the mail for us to try. And by ‘us’, I mean my small people.  The Spinbrush™ removes plaque and promotes healthy gums – two things Delaney clearly needs. Additionally, it has been found that kids will brush for 38% longer when using the Spinbrush™. The extra-fun thing about these Spinbrush™ toothbrushes is that the kids can choose from their favorite characters like Spinbrush™ Super Mario™ & Spinbrush™ Princess Peach™ or a favorite in our home: they can personalize the Spinbrush™ My Way! Major League Baseball.

Kids Spinbrush Good Brushing

You do know we are in the midst of the Playoffs, right?

Now in this house of Cardinal fans, you’d think it was St. Louis Cardinals all-the-way, but Delaney’s first baseball card when she was teeny-tiny was actually the Baltimore Orioles, so this kid is a HUGE FAN. I have to admit…as she is the one who was desperately in need of the extra special dental hygiene that the Spinbrush™ can provide, I let her have the MLB Spinbrush™ and she opted to split her allegiance decorating her toothbrush with for both the Cardinals AND the Orioles.

Kids Spinbrush Good Brushing

In watching her begin to use it, I could instantly see the difference in the amount of time she spent brushing her teeth. I have always had to monitor the timing closely, often sending her back for a second time having determined it wasn’t quite ‘long enough’. But not with the Spinbrush™. It is amazing what adding a little fun to a daily activity can do for a kid.

Kids Spinbrush Good Brushing

And even better, I could see what a difference it made for Coop. Not only does he mimic his sister’s small habits around the house – how she puts her toothpaste on her toothbrush and how long she brushes….

Kids Spinbrush Good Brushing

But I could see, like her, he also got a kick out of the spinning motion. The kid who typically sings ‘Happy Birthday to you’ as he brushes to make sure he is brushing long enough decided he just might need to sing a little longer – just because he was having fun.

Kids Spinbrush Good Brushing

If you are looking for other characters – there are a slew of Superheros – just in time for Halloween – that your little ones can choose from Iron Man, Captain American, Thor and more….  Enjoy and Happy brushing!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Arm & Hammer™ Spinbrush™, but as always, all thoughts and opinions are mine and mine alone.


For Families on the Go: Puffs Tissues SoftPack

I can still remember lying in bed, pregnant, musing about what kind of children, first Delaney, then Cooper would grow up to be. Having never been athletic – and by never – I mean I don’t have any athletic bones in my body, I didn’t worry about whether they would run fast, throw hard or hit well.

Kids Soccer

My husband on the other hand, had big dreams for both of them. You might think these small people were destined to fulfill dreams that maybe he couldn’t, but rather, I have learned that isn’t the case. This dad has wanted nothing more than to PLAY with his children, to teach them the beauty of all things that team sports have to offer: the spirit of camaraderie, the confidence built in trying hard and winning, the mustering of courage after a loss and taking the field again, the ability to stay out of trouble because you are simply too busy with practices, trainings and games when ‘trouble’ comes knocking.

And so it is that we, as a family run - during the week and on the weekends – from baseball to softball, from soccer to basketball, from football to volleyball. It is why it isn’t unusual to have ten games in a weekend, to eat on the run or to find yourself living in your car. We carry food, extra clothes, blankets, medicine and tissues – all of the necessities.

Cooper Swing Baseball

It may sound like too much. I’ve been told that it is, but they are happy and well-rounded. And until that changes, we press on.

This is why I consider myself a professional fan.

And it is why I have cried with them after losses, or when tournaments are cancelled due to weather and I’m left to console an extremely disappointed 8-year old (and his father, the coach) who have been looking forward to this for weeks. It is also why I’m always looking for products that fit perfectly in to our crazy-never-stopping-on-the-go-keep-everything-in-the-car-life.

When Puffs SoftPack asked if we wanted to try their newest product – their Basic Tissues in a full size, flexible package, I could already imagine the number of places our family would use them – on the sidelines of the games, in the car for spilled Gatorade and snacks, runny noses in our allergy-prone state of Missouri. I mentioned tissues as one of our ‘car staples’ because someone ALWAYS needs to blow their nose or clean up a mess, but in the past, the tissue box we had in the car had inevitibley been crushed by an errant cleat or a dropped baseball bag. Not the case with the Puffs Softpack. Flexible and durable, they can handle my kids (the small ones and my husband) and still come out clean. No ruined, crushed cardboard boxes and the flexible packaging allows us to tuck the tissues in to tight spots anywhere around the car (like the glove box or the back seat pocket) or carry them in to the house as needed.

Puffs SoftPacks Families on the Go

I now keep a package in the backseat and one in our sports bag so that anyone can grab away as they need – and I know they will always be clean and presentable. Depending on your needs – you can sneak one in to a diaper bag, in to a purse or carry them with you when you travel.

Puffs SoftPacks Families on the Go

I took a package with me on my last flight so when I ugly-cried during the movie I watched (12 Years a Slave – seriously – what was I thinking watching that surrounded by strangers? Of COURSE I sobbed!) I was able to try to hide my face in my tissues as I needed many, many of them.

I love that Puffs Basic Tissues are not only soft but have been proven to be 50% stronger when wet – a fact I can personally testify to as my tears from that movie soaked more than my share of tissues. Sadly, I’m certain my airplane neighbors could tell you the very same thing. I think they were worried about me.

Have you tried the Puffs SoftPack? And where would you carry them – in your car? For travel? At this point, we seem to be putting them everywhere.

Disclosure: I’m happy to have worked with Puffs Softpack on this post, however, as always, all thoughts and opinions are mine and mine alone.

All the Boots You Need for Fall

When it comes to Fall fashion, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? For me, it’s always boots. From ankle booties to knee high styles, they’re my favorite part of cool weather fashion. But are you unsure of where to start with your boot collection? I’ve got you covered with the boots you need for Fall!

Buckled Up

Edgier boots and booties are having a major moment this Fall. Add a touch of toughness to your style or fully embrace the leather-clad moto look by trying a pair of buckled up boots!

fall 2014 boot trends

Zappos / Nordstrom / Target / Nordstrom / Target 

Equestrian Style

Do you have more of a classic style? Then timeless riding boots are a must-have. The clean lines will work with everything in your wardrobe. Bonus: this classic will never go out of style!

fall boot trends 2014

Target / Nordstrom / Zappos / Nordstrom / DSW


Suede leather boots and booties are another always-classic style, but what makes them great for Fall is the added texture. They are a simple, easy way to add interest to any Fall look!

suede boots fall 2014


DSW / DSW / Target / Nordstrom / Nordstrom

Stacked Heeled

Even if you’re not a high heel fan, you can still rock a pair of stacked heel boots. The thick, substantial heel offers plenty of comfort and stability along with a little height!fall boot trends 2014


Nordstrom / Nordstrom / Nordstrom / Macy’s / Nordstrom 

Tell me: what’s your favorite style of boot for Fall?

5 Minute Makeup Tutorial – Doing the Minimum for a Maximum Effect

I don’t know what your mornings look like, but in my house, the chaos is real. Between getting the small people (and myself) out of bed, breakfast, helping with hair and uniforms and getting out the door for carpool, I often don’t have too much time to dedicate to makeup….however, full disclosure, I feel better when I at least do something.

5 Minute Makeup Routine

So, just for fun, here is a look at what and how I do my basic morning routine. Because it’s me and I love the ‘show-and-tell’ aspect of video (and because I KNOW seeing me without any makeup to start must be at least vaguely entertaining), I put it all together for you here. Why is the video a little more than 5 minutes? Because I talked through the entire process instead of just doing it.

Here are a list of the products I mentioned (and love).

BareMinerals Concealer, Bare Minerals Broad Spectrum Powder, Mac Cream Colour Base Blush, Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil, Bare Minerals EyeShadow, Cover Girl InkIt Eyeliner – Cocoa Ink , Younique Mascara and Buxom LipGloss in Dolly. As for Makeup Brushes…. you could do an entire set like this one from Sephora (many of mine are from there) or you could do the individuals. This slanted brush is what I use for blush and this is the one I use for powder.

What are you favorites and how do you look your best in the least amount of time? I’d love to hear your tips as well.

For more ideas… hop around to visit a few of my friends – all of whom wanted to share their very own 5 Minute Makeup Routines.

Ever curious about how other women are doing it? Check out these other 5 minute makeup routines:

Jodi from Mom’s Favorite Stuff, Nicole from Momtrends, Kate from The Shopping Mama, Whitney from Mommies With Style,  Melissa from Married My Sugar Daddy, Jo-Lynne from Musings of a Housewife, and Laura from Hollywood Housewife.

So…come on, share your tips and tricks!

5 Tips For Creating A Back To School Evening Routine

Hi everyone! Kasey here from All Things Mamma! This week I’m talking about how to stay sane when trying to do homework and after school activities with your kids. This is something I’ve definitely not mastered, but I’m getting close! With now, TWO kids in school – one in 1st grade and one in 3rd, there’s double the homework, double the take home papers, double the after school actives and double the meltdowns! (maybe triple if you throw in an occasional meltdown from me! haha!) Here’s 5 tips for organizing your evenings better so that everything gets done and there’s no surprises in the morning right before you head out the door for school!

5 Tips For Creating A Back To School Evening Routine

1. Have a designated drop zone. The very first thing I have my children do when they walk in the door is to hang up their coats, shoes and backpacks in a designated area! This is important, believe it or not. I don’t know about you, but I’ve had too many mornings of running around trying to find a hat or a mitten than I care to admit. This solves that problem!

2. Unload and repack. As soon as the kids are in the door I have them unload their book bags of anything that doesn’t need to go back to school tomorrow – homework, graded papers, lunch boxes, sweaters, etc… This give me a chance to go through through it all in case I need to have something ready to go back the next day and to also evaluate how they did with the lunch I sent. Did I send enough or too much? Was that jelly and cream cheese bagel sandwich a hit or miss? It’s all out on the table so that we can see what needs to be accomplished that evening before bed.

3. Snack time! The kids have been at school all day and it’s time to refuel before taking on the rest of the evening. I always make a yummy snack that will get my kid through until dinner to avoid any meltdowns or grumpiness!

4. Homework. After snack I give them some time to unwind and run around but then I have them dive right into their homework. There are two reasons for this. 1. They have plenty of time to focus or get help, should there be any issues and 2. They aren’t up at 9pm in a panic trying to complete it. There’s nothing worse than trying to do a bedtime routine while your child is doing their last math problems that they can’t figure out and are on the verge of tears. That’s no fun for anyone. So, we get it out of the way so that we can enjoy the rest of the night.

5. Pack Up. After homework we start to pack up the backpacks for the next day. We put homework, notes and supplies back into the bags, along with anything else that needs to go back. PE shoes, snacks, water bottles, etc.. Then, there’s also no running around searching for that missing library book right before you head out the door in the morning! This is also a good time to check the calendar to see what’s going on. Is it music day or art? Will there be soccer practice after school or will you be home for the evening? It’s always a good idea to know what’s going on so that you are prepared.

There is so much to do these days that it’s imperative to plan out your evenings or it will never get all accomplished and you’ll be up at 10pm at night while YOU try to do everything that your kids could have helped you do earlier in the evening. I think it’s super important, no matter your child’s age, to teach them to be responsible for themselves and their own things. It will save you time, energy and will pay off in the long run!

How do you organize your evenings at home with your children? I’d love to hear your tips and tricks in the comments below.

Don’t Hold Back Your Motherhood

Guest writer, Emily Chapelle shares her thoughts on Motherhood:

 Feeling a little unsure, Mama?

Pinterest got you down?

Don't Hold Back Your Motherhood: SoDamnDomestic + ExtraordinaryMommy

Do you play WITH your children more than not, wear them 6 hours a day, sleep in a family bed, and allow your kids to self-wean? Are you afraid your “super involved” parenting will cause neuroses in your children, and they’ll be dependent on you until they’re 45?

Do you kick your kids outside to explore the neighborhood the way you did when you were young, encouraging them to develop problem-solving skills and their own judgement? Are you terrified that if you let your children exercise their independence, others will see it as neglect — or worse — your kids will actually get hurt?

Do you read your kids classic children’s literature because you know it will spark something within them? …and then wonder if your kids will become lonely bookworms with 14 cats?

Or do you read them stories starring yellow sponges, cartoon girls with backpacks and monkeys, and ill-proportioned dolls who have come to life, because that’s what they bring home from the library, and dang it, at least they’re interested in reading? … and then wonder if you’re slowly killing their brain cells with manufactured, rather than authored, stories?

Do your kids each get to pick out a “fun food” or two (corn dogs, sugary breakfast foods, sticky fruit snacks, packaged cookies) every week at the grocery store, because they like it, it tastes good, and you don’t want them to feel deprived? While you witness obesity, diabetes, and heart disease taking over our population, do you cross your fingers that your children will be spared?

Do you only give your kids organic / paleo / vegan / raw food grown by fairies in a meadow shaded from any human contaminants, harvested by centaurs and unicorns? Do you close your eyes and hope your kids don’t feel deprived and end up bingeing on candy corn and chili dogs every chance they get once they’re older?

Feel your feelings, Friend.

Worry your worries, if that’s what you need to do.

But know this.

If you’re concerned for your children, it means you love them.

If you’re trying to act in their best interests today, it means you’re being present.

If you’re watching out for their futures, it means you have foresight.

If you’re anxious about how and where your children will fit into this world, it means you’re aware that the world is complex and changing.

For your children, you are the best mother in the world.

Don’t hold back your motherhood.

Emily Chapelle is an expert homemaker, having set up 7 homes in just as many years. She helps busy and overwhelmed women change their homes from chaotic to calm, 15 minutes at a time, so they can focus on their true priorities. She shares home organizing tips, decluttering your life, time-management for homemakers, and other homemaking topics at So Damn Domestic. Her ebook, Finding the Awesome – 3 Steps to Doing More & Stressing Less, has been downloaded over 2,137 times, and you can get it for free.