Amazing Video! Meteor Hits Russia, More than 500 Reported Hurt

I sat on the couch with my small people last night watching the Nightly News as they reported on a giant asteroid that will pass close to earth today – reportedly around 2pm this afternoon.  It apparently won’t be visible to the naked eye… it has been tracked by NASA for quite some time, and it DOESN’T PRESENT ANY DANGER TO US.

And yet, I wake this morning to news that a meteor has hit the Chelyabinsk region of  Russia (it is caught on camera – look below) and it is reported that some 500 people are injured.  Early reports say this meteor may be related to that same asteroid, but it is too early to confirm. This region is more than 900 miles from Moscow and based on what I am reading here and here, many of the injuries are related to flying glass from explosions (as a result of the meteor breaking apart as it fell).  Scientists are estimating it weighed 10 tons and was traveling at 33-THOUSAND miles per hour! Witnesses describe the sound like a ‘sonic boom’.

Watch the video for yourself.  Incredible.

For more video, USA Today and Yahoo!

  • Aimee Giese

    I believe it did not actually “hit” Russian, it flew over and caused a sonic boom? Was following @badastonomer coverage last night and he has a great post over on Slate talking about it.

  • Danielle Smith

    Based on what I read, the meteor broke apart as it entered the atmosphere and Meteorite fragments hit? Will go look at the post – thank you…

    Just two quotes below… (I read dozens as I wrote this)

    “Dozens of fragments of the meteorite hit the ground, officials said, and search teams set out looking for remains.” from WSJ


    “Some meteorite fragments fell in a reservoir outside the town of Chebarkul. The crash left a 26-foot-wide crater in the ice”

    Read more:

  • Lauralee Hensley

    Well, signs of the times. I’m sure one day the mountain (some say Asteroid or Meteor that is so big it looks like a mountain) that crashes into the waters will happen as the Bible says. It says it will be called Wormwood, because it poisons the water. Do you know Chernobyl in English is Wormwood. So one wonders if the Mountain (Asteroid or Meteor) that poisons the waters will poison it with a form of radioactivity? I just think we are seeing more and more of what the Bible says will happen, happening around us day by day.