Mastering a Good Hair Day: Finally


My obsession with long hair started early. I mean very early. Why, you ask? Because my hair looked like this. And I begged and pleaded with my mom to let me grow it out. I have no explanation for this hair cut. Really, I don't. It was clearly one she thought was cute. I look at this one of my brother and I...I can barely tell us apart. (It is a little blurry, I know....but you get the … READ MORE

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I believe in good. And lots of it. I believe that extraordinary is a way of life, not how things always look and definitely not how we always feel. As mothers, as women, as friends, daughters and as business owners we're working hard to juggle the beauty and the chaos of life around us. It isn't always pretty on the outside, but I do my best to sit back and look for the 'extra' in the ordinary.MORE ABOUT ME >